Saturday, April 25, 2009

Teens Turning Green, Project Green Prom

In the Corte Madera Village shopping center right across the walk way from Apple computer. Teens Turning Green, Project Green Prom opened today. This amazing  teen organization promoting green living will totally inspire you. Project green is a nation wide campaign to support teens all over the globe to get together and green Prom night. I stopped by this beautiful store today and it was unbelievable. From vintage, slightly worn and re purposed prom wear and shoes for young women and men. Organic skin care from john masters organics, burts bees and very own Teens turning green skin line and many more. They are also featuring a green spa. for your prom night you can make an appointment to get your hair, makeup and nails done with all natural products. There is a teen lounge in the back and tons of events that you just can't miss. My self, josy Hamren and Aza Ziegler will be doing a re purpose and shoe covering workshop on May 10th. There will be fashion shows, teas and a mother and daughter photo event just to name a few. This happening is only for this prom season, so run over to the  Village mall and support our youth and get totally inspired on how to do prom this year while nurturing our planet.

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