Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mill Valley steps, lanes and paths

I just came back from a 5 hour meeting about getting 25 of these amazing steps, lanes and paths fixed up for our future generations. There were so many people there wanting safe routes for our kids, emergency routes in case of a fire and so many other reasons. Its such a part of our history, and more importantly the only way we can get away from cars and become a green community. One of the many advocates that showed up was Andy Peri from Marin County bicycle coalition, not only was he easy on the eyes, but so wonderful to connect with. I was really impressed with the young people that show up and spoke their mind about how these little paths keep them safe while going in to town and school. I don't now all the legalities, but I know all of the city council members passed what ever was needed to go forth. Yahoo, I feel good dandandanada

I called Victoria Talkington after the meeting. I've seen her for years but never new she was the reason that this whole movement is happening. I learned that she and a bunch of volunteers work on these paths together now. I can't wait to join them. What a great way to be apart of this community.

If you would like to become a volunteer,
feel free to call Victoria 383.4049

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


This letter is from  Dan Jacobson our friend at Environment California  
I wanted to pass this along because this wheel doesn't need to be reinvented. He says it perfectly and I relate because  I won't get to go food if it's in styrofoam. I am hard core for the most part. That Jamba juice gets me every time. I love their orange dream something, and then I cave. I have even called the head quarters because I didn't want to not have my drink( and I always forget my own cup), that's ideal I know. I knew that the San Fransisco stores don't use it, but because we don't have this law against it, they still use it in Mill Valley. I heard Mill Valley is on the move for banning styrofoam, but I have to check out whats going on with that. Any way read the letter from Dan below.

We're working to ban Styrofoam containers -- to stop them from ending up on our beaches and floating in the ocean. The campaign is heating up, thanks to the 11,000 e-mails you've sent to the governor.

I think it's time to pull out the big guns.

I've decided to stop going to chain restaurants -- starting with Jamba Juice -- that use polystyrene cups and cartons. Join me in taking part in our Styro-strike.

The truth is, I like Jamba Juice (especially the mango smoothie). But as a large chain with hundreds of locations, they could make a huge impact by switching to biodegradable cups. 

So I'm not going to Jamba Juice. I'm going to tell them that I'm on Styro-strike.

Many of us already avoid Styrofoam containers when we eat out. Others of us live in cities where we've already banned the stuff. So let's band together and let Jamba Juice and the other Styro-trash makers know we mean business.

Our beaches deserve better. But how can we convince Jamba Juice and other restaurants to make the switch?

Speak to them in a language they understand -- money.

Let's make sure they hear us. Let's join together and go on Styro-strike -- starting with Jamba Juice:

Monday, May 4, 2009

Project Green Prom Fashion Show

This was such a beautiful evening, Annabel (my daughter) below was invited to be in the show last minute. Judi Shils the director of Teens Turning Green welcomed her with open arms. That kind of generosity always inspires me. All the dresses and accessories were Green designer, slightly used and vintage. Please visit the boutique open for the month of May for all of your Green Prom accoutrement's. Across the walk way from Apple at the Village shopping center. 
      First two photos of Annabel Taken by Jennabeth Photography


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Letter from Julia Butterfly Hill for Kids

Letter from Julia Butterfly Hill

Thank you for caring about the forests and the environment! I hear many similar questions from students and young people, so I have written this one letter to answer as many of those questions as I can think of.

My full name is Julia Butterfly Hill. My birthday is February 18, 1974. I have two brothers and no sisters. For 738 days, I lived on a platform made from reused scrap wood that was 6 feet by 8 feet. The roof and walls were made out of tarps. Living in a tree is fun sometimes, but sometimes it is scary and very hard - like in the storms. Also, it was hard to go for two years without being able to walk. I was in Luna from December 10, 1997 to December 18, 1999. I saw all kinds of animals including birds, mice, chipmunks, northern flying squirrels, deer and bears. I was not afraid of falling because I was VERY careful when I climbed around.

I am a vegan, which means I don't eat meat, fish, eggs or milk. I eat fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans and grains. I try to eat organic foods as much as I can because they don't contain pesticides or chemicals. While I was in Luna, I cooked with a single-burner camping stove. I got water for drinking, cooking and keeping clean by collecting rainwater in my tarps. I used a bucket to go to the bathroom and slept in a sleeping bag.

These redwood forests are actually part of a rainforest. Did you know that over half of the world's animals live only in the rainforests? Luna is about 200 feet tall and over 1,000 years old! She was named Luna by activists who built the tree fort during the full moon of October, 1997. "Luna" means "the moon" in Spanish. My friends hiked food, mail, and supplies up the mountain to me and packed out waste. I had a bag attached to a rope that I lowered down to the ground, then my friends put the supplies in the bag and I pulled it to the top! I did not have too many visitors because I was so busy! I wrote a lot of letters, and did a lot of interviews. I listened to a radio with a crank that I wound up to power it. I used a phone for interviews. There were solar panels in Luna to power the batteries for my phone.

I came down from Luna in December, 1999 after we made an agreement with the Lumber Company to protect her and 3 acres of trees all around her. After I came down, someone tried to cut Luna down in November, 2000. They cut through almost 2/3 of Luna's trunk, but some really smart scientists, tree experts and lots of loving friends were able to protect her with metal cables and filled her cut with a special clay mixture that a friend of mine recommended to help Luna heal naturally. When I went to visit Luna last year, she was doing great.

Did you know that Redwood trees live in families? They have very shallow roots, but redwood trees are connected to each other through their root system. When you see a group of redwood trees, often they are all part of the same roots, and they feed one another that way. So Luna's family of trees living all around her is now feeding her and helping her to heal.

Today, I spend my time talking to lots and lots of people about making a difference in the world. I work hard to teach people about the environment and how they can help preserve our beautiful earth for future generations.

Ways You Can Help the Forests and the Earth!

  • Reuse all of your scraps of paper
  • Use paper made from 100% recycled paper.
  • Use paper made from other plants like hemp, kenaf and cotton.
  • Bring your own travel mug or bottle with you wherever you go so that you can get a drink in your own container instead of using paper or plastic cups.
  • Use cloth napkins instead of paper napkins and paper towels.
  • Recycle everything that you cannot reuse.
  • Get your friends, parents and your school to do these things too!

Thanks for doing your part to protect the forests and the environment. We all make the difference and we are all part of the circle of life! Remember to treat everyone and everything with respect, and together, we will make this a better world!

Your Friend,
Julia Butterfly H

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Teens Turning Green, Project Green Prom

In the Corte Madera Village shopping center right across the walk way from Apple computer. Teens Turning Green, Project Green Prom opened today. This amazing  teen organization promoting green living will totally inspire you. Project green is a nation wide campaign to support teens all over the globe to get together and green Prom night. I stopped by this beautiful store today and it was unbelievable. From vintage, slightly worn and re purposed prom wear and shoes for young women and men. Organic skin care from john masters organics, burts bees and very own Teens turning green skin line and many more. They are also featuring a green spa. for your prom night you can make an appointment to get your hair, makeup and nails done with all natural products. There is a teen lounge in the back and tons of events that you just can't miss. My self, josy Hamren and Aza Ziegler will be doing a re purpose and shoe covering workshop on May 10th. There will be fashion shows, teas and a mother and daughter photo event just to name a few. This happening is only for this prom season, so run over to the  Village mall and support our youth and get totally inspired on how to do prom this year while nurturing our planet.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Lets ban Styrofoam together

Have you ever been at the beach and noticed all the tiny pieces of Styrofoam in the sand?

Or, have you ever worked to clean up a beach only to realize that nothing you could ever do would remove all those little pieces? Not to mention our land fill.That's why we need to ban single-use Styrofoam containers.

Join me and thousands of others who have called on the governor to back legislation that bans single-use Styrofoam containers, today.

Why not just ask the fast-food chains to use bio-degradable takeout containers? It just seems crazy that we would use something for 10 minutes and then have it float in the ocean, or lie in the sand, for hundreds and hundreds of years.

The benefits simply do not outweigh the costs.

Styrofoam (expanded and extruded polystyrene foam) is getting more and more pervasive in the marine environment. When littered or blown from trashcans, it is carried from streets and through storm drains out into the ocean. It breaks into smaller and smaller pieces that wash onto the shore, and which animals mistake for food.

Styrofoam has not been around long enough to know its true life. Most scientists agree that it will degrade to increasingly smaller sizes but never disappear.

Let's ban single-use Styrofoam takeout containers before they cause any more damage. Please write a response, its so quick and easy, to tell the governor that you want to take back your beaches.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Egg Dyeing

Experimenting with plant dye, was so much fun. Blueberry's, Turmeric, onion skins and cinnamon. We played with tape and bees wax. The Turmeric was spice form, blueberry's , cinnamon and the onion skins I simmered for an hour. I have been so inspired by my friend Deepa and Sasha. My family went to Deepa's workshop at the Botanical gardens in Berkeley. She has put together some wonderful programs there. This added so much depth to our family's tradition of dyeing eggs. I have been taking out books from our public library to do research. The possibility's are endless. It's so exciting!!!

I wrapped this egg with onion skins, and then threw it into the blueberrys